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Presentation of the works defining TMN-T

The trans-Mediterranean transport network (TMN-T), like the TEN-T, is a strategic network for the development of the region and is not merely the sum of the national networks.

This exercise of definition of the TMN-T is part of the work carried out by the Working Group on Infrastructures and Regulatory Issues of Land Transport (WG Infra) and is also reflected in the 2007-2013 Regional Transport Action Plan of the Euro-Mediterranean Transport Forum.

The RTAP states that an efficient transport infrastructure network is vital for the development of the free trade area, as is its interconnection and interoperability with European networks. The RTAP insists on the fact that infrastructure will be essential to provide new capacity and new types of facility promoting intermodality. The benefits of well-implemented investments will be seen in reduced transit times leading to lower costs for users and eventually lower prices for the wider population of consumers. In this sense infrastructure planning, the network approach is considered most useful for the rationalization of investments. In a planning infrastructures view, network approach is considered most useful for the rationalization of investments.

The strategic planning and development of transport infrastructure represents one of the strong components of European transport policy. Investment in transport infrastructure represents more than the construction of a link between two localities. It represents investment in a network of inter-connections suitable for both international and domestic traffic demands, taking efficiency, accessibility and environmental concerns into account. The trans-European transport network within the EU-15 and its subsequent extension to the new member states was developed along these lines. The ongoing development of the core network in the Balkans as well as in Turkey follows a similar logic.

The methodology for defining the TMN-T

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